Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Avery

A sweet little bundle of joy came into the world on Saturday. Her name is Avery Catherine Kalkes...born at 9.29 AM weighing 8 lbs 7 oz with a full head of black hair. Such a beautiful baby. Just look at that hair!

She was born to my beautiful niece Stephanie and her husband Jim. What an exciting time for them. I stole a few pictures from Steph's facebook page, I couldn't resist....they are just too cute! Here is Steph and Jim with baby Avery.

Sweet little Avery was pretty comfy inside of her mommy....a week past due, an induction of labor, and then 50+ hours before she decided to enter the world. I'd say that she was worth the wait...but I wasn't the one in labor! Babies are on their own schedule. How can someone so small take such complete control of their parents lives and turn them upside down? Happens every time....just like it is meant to. :-)

The name Avery comes from my dad's family. His middle name was Avery, the name originally was a surname in the family. Catherine is Stephanie's mom's name. I love that Steph is sentimental about using family names. My dad is smiling down on them, I know that for sure!
My mom is pretty excited about being a great grandma for the first time. Maybe not about the great part so much, but having another baby to love is pretty special for her. I think baby Avery looks pretty happy about meeting her great grandma too.

Eric was pretty excited about meeting baby Avery too. He's pretty sentimental when it comes to babies.

I think that it probably brought him back to 30 years ago when he got to meet baby Stephanie for the first time. I would say that baby Avery looks like her momma!

My brother is a grandpa. Hah! Seriously though, a very proud grandpa. How could he not be? Stephanie is such a joy, Avery is bound to be's just how it works.

This baby is going to be loved, by her wonderful parents, by a doting great grandma, by doting grandmas and grandpas and great aunts and uncles and regular aunts and uncles....

....we're a couple of the great aunts and uncles.... least I hope that she'll think we're great!

Sweet Avery, you better hold onto that mamma's finger tight...because there are lots of us that want to hold and cuddle and snuggle you and watch over you and love you forever!

What do you think of that??

WHAT?!? Wise move. You stick with that mamma and dadda of yours, you can't go wrong with those two. Welcome to the family sweetie, don't worry, you'll get used to us.

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Anonymous said...

Love the post!! Thank you for coming to the hospital to meet the little peanut! She's already changed so much - and has lots of expressions. She'll go from scowling to grinning in the blink of an eye! Maybe one of these days we can run over to see you?? I showed Jimmy this and he said "Well we know who Avery is going to look like!" I had never seen the picture of Eric and I before - pretty cool!! Lots of love, Steph