Friday, March 5, 2010


My favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman, is having a photo contest this week. It's a contest for cat pictures. Her photo contests get a crazy number of pictures submitted...this one is no exception. I entered a photo today...this one of Molly the Bird watcher.

I like it because she's so intense. Cats are either napping or intense. Sometimes their intensity is spent ignoring humans. Here she looks sort of interested, sort of relaxed, almost friendly....

...and then the eyes start to close and you can just hear her say...ho hum...I am bored of you. She is the queen you know. It was funny how many of the cats posted on the Pioneer Woman's contest were Tabby's that looked just like Molly. Bored Tabby's. Crabby Tabby's. Cool stare Tabby's. Sleeping Tabby's. Tabby, Tabby, Green eyed Tabby, calico, orange Tabby, Siamese, Black & White, Yellow eyed Tabby, Tabby, Tabby.
I probably won't enter any more photos for this contest. After a while all of the cats start looking the same. Like this.

And seriously, how much aloofness can you take in one day?

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