Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Memories

A few days ago we were talking about all of the Halloween costumes that Brian and Billy had worn in the past. I thought that it might be fun to dig out the pictures and share them here. So....settle in, this will be a long one. Mostly pictures though. Brian was born in November of 1992, so his first Halloween was in 1993. He was all about tractors and farming and cows at the a cow costume seemed appropriate. I made his costume with polar fleece and felt. He could moo like a champ. Mooooo.

We sent this picture in to Kare11 TV, they still show pictures of one year old's on their morning show. This one brought some smiles to the anchor woman. It makes me smile too. Where did that time go? Mooo.

The next year I made a fancy skunk costume for Brian. He wore it for about 1/2 hour at preschool. We brought it with up north to show the grandparents....he wasn't happy. Trying it on at my mom's place brought a total melt down. I even have a picture of it (the melt down) but it makes me cringe so I'm not showing it. Those darned terrible twos!! So, the skunk was out. Now what? He was a little farmer of course. He borrowed a hat from grandpa Pete and we didn't have to buy a thing!

Billy's first Halloween was in 1995. Do you know what happens when a mom spends a lot of time sewing a costume? The little brother gets stuck with it two years later! You'll be seeing some repeats on here!! Billy was the cow, and Brian was a spider. Billy doesn't look too sure about this whole Halloween thing! Maybe my tall hair scared him.

Brian was loving it though. Here is the spider boy. He really wanted to be a spider, I looked for a pattern but couldn't find a thing. Humm...ok....I had to make it up as I went along. Found a pattern for a costume body, and then added the legs and the web. Brian loved it.

Don't tell him, but he was much more cute than scary!

1996 brought a return of the spider costume. Make 'em too big and they'll fit for a couple of years! It also brought a return of the unworn skunk costume.

Hummm....Billy doesn't seem too sure of the skunk costume either. Maybe a little candy will you go Billy....please don't cry....have some more candy!!

Carving pumpkins in 1997. The boys would draw the pattern and we'd carve them. I don't know which is cuter, the missing shirts, the concentration....or those curls. Sigh.

Brian thought it would be cool to be a bat. Billy was excited to finally be the spider! It's all how you phrase it you know.

Brian had done some studying up on bats. He found out that they slept hanging upside down. Bob volunteered to bring his gravity boots over so he could give it a try.

Brian decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to hang upside down all night after all, since he was just a pretend bat. Whew. Good idea.

In 1998 we had a pumpkin and Godzilla. Of course. This was the year that that Billy was starting his Godzilla stage. He loved watching Godzwilla movies. Silly kid. Brian was into pumpkins, everything that he drew had a pumpkin on it. The funny thing was, when we found some of my dad's school papers from when he was in grade school, guess what was on them....yep....pumpkins. Weird.

1999 brought a return of the spider. It was updated with a spider mask and a big bug stuck in the web. Brian wanted to be Dracula. The poor little guy had gotten sick the day before, he still wasn't feeling 100% for Trick or Treating so they weren't out for very long. But the good news is that we didn't have to use much powder on his face to make him pale! Just kidding. Is there anything worse than getting sick before Halloween?

Here's another view of Mister Spider from 1999...I think he wanted to show off that big bug. :-)

Brian's love of frogs and toads came shining through in 2000. Ribbit. Godzilla made a come back for Billy after a year off. The biggest difference was that the tail wasn't dragging this time around! I was helping Billy with his lipstick. Probably the only time I will ever say that. Hopefully the only time I will ever say that!

It was Billy's turn to be Count Dracula....updated with a big black wig. Brian was a mad scientist. They talked mom into being a cowgirl to walk around the neighborhood with them. I got some strange looks, but no candy. Rats.

There was something different in used costumes! Brian was a Knight and Billy was a King. It worked out well since Brian's class was studying the medieval period and he had to have a Knight costume for school the week before.

Things were a little more chaotic in 2003 apparently.....this is the only picture that I could find. The boys were Trick and Treating with friends, this is a picture in front of our old neighbor Martha's house. Billy has the skeleton mask on, I think he was a zombie or something. Brian has the top hat...we'll just call his outfit a modified clown. His friend Thomas is in the front, I'm not sure who the girls are!

2004...Brian as a spider again. A new costume using sweat pants and a sweat shirt with the extra arms / legs sewn on. Not sure what their friend Thomas was, but Billy is a pirate.

Someone was too grown up in 2005 to wear a costume...but Billy was Luke Skywalker.... costume purchased at Target or Party Center or somewhere...not home made! I had some lame excuse about just having moved and being in school full time.

2006 Billy was a pirate...Jack Sparrow I think. Loved the eyeliner. Brian carried a sign that said, "I'm dressed up as a lazy teenager." Yep.

In 2007 Billy dressed up like Forrest Gump. He looked cute in his Goodwill suit, but he couldn't get the accent and no one his age had heard of Forrest Gump. Bummer! Brian wore his "lazy teenager" sign again.

Billy adopted the "I'm dressed as a lazy teenager" sign for 2008. Brian and his friend David both dressed up for school and for a party. Brian went as a Russian, the best part of his costume was his Russian accent and David was a Renaissance man.
There's nothing like watching your boys grow up right before your eyes to make you realize how fast the years speed by.
Eric and I went to a Halloween party in 2007 too. Eric was Walker Texas Ranger, I was a Scare Crow with crows on my hat and shoulder. I won the "coolest costume" prize! WooHoo!! I didn't know Halloween could be so much fun!
You'll have to wait for another time to see this year's costumes!! Hope you enjoyed the step back in time.
Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

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