Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Birthday

I'm late in blogging about another birthday. My dad would have been 78 years old on October 18th. Before the day arrived I had decided that for his birthday I would do my best to be grateful for his life and all that he meant to me, to all of us. To celebrate him and who he was. It worked for the most part....but we sure miss him. Especially on his birthday.

I love this picture of him with his little lambs. He looks so serious.

There are a surprising number of pictures of my dad when he was little....pretty uncommon for those days! But probably not so surprising since he was a very loved only child.

Such a handsome young man when he graduated from high school.

I had the privilege of reading some of the letters that he exchanged with my mom while they were dating. She lived in St. Paul, he was in our little home town on the farm. Her grandparents lived on the neighboring farm...that's how they met. In one letter he was hoping that when she came to visit them for the weekend that maybe they could go squirrel hunting for his birthday. Oh boy!! I teased her that she married him anyway. City girl meets country boy.

This picture was taken at my brothers Junior and dad were the chaperons. They were about a year younger than I am now in this picture. What an odd feeling that is.

This one was taken at my niece Stephanie's wedding just over 5 years ago. He was so happy and proud that day.

A few years ago I asked my dad which was harder, turning 75 or having a daughter that was turning 45....he said the hardest was having a granddaughter that was 28! Nothing made him smile bigger than his grand kids.
I sure miss our horseback rides together.
He and my mom had a very special relationship. I know that she is grateful for the over 50 years that they had together....but she's also feeling like no matter how much time they had together, it would never be long enough. I know the feeling.

My dad led an uncomplicated life. He worked hard and loved with all he lucky we were to have had him in our lives. There is so much more to be said, but I'll close by saying dad always, always gave much more than he took. Can you imagine how much better our world would be if everyone lived that way?
Dad...thanks for being the best father a girl could ever hope for. Happy Birthday.

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