Thursday, October 8, 2009

While I Can

While I can I'm going to take pictures of flowers. It's supposed to snow this weekend. My flowers won't be happy about that. That's crazy. Eric and I had a softball game tonight, it was 42 degrees. That's crazy too.

Because of being rained out twice this season, we have one week of fall softball left. I hope it's warmer. I'm still playing because I can, but every season feels closer to my last one. I'm older, slower, and don't see as well....sounds like a few good reasons to hang up the cleats. I got hit in the shin with a batted ball tonight. Ouch. Sounds like another good reason to retire. But then what would I do in the evening...clean my house or watch TV or something?

We agreed to play in a "Duck Soup" tournament this weekend, just for fun. A crazy tournament with weird batting left handed one inning, running the wrong way one inning, picking your position from a hat etc. It sounded fun before they were predicting snow. Now it's not sounding quite so fun. Now it's sounding cold.

Too cold for me to be playing softball. Too cold for my cosmos too. But we're hanging in there, while we can.

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