Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Colors

Fall is definitely in the air in Minnesota. After one of the warmest, driest Septembers in ages, October arrives and brings cold and rain. The trees are late in changing color, but they've started. This maple at my mom's house is always one of the first to turn. My mom always took pictures of us under this tree when my brother and I were kids. You know what that means don't you? means that is one old tree!

Fall, it's always one of my favorite times of year. I love the change of colors. I like fall sports. Here's Brian playing goalie for his fall soccer team. I like that his shirt is orange and fallish.

The maple leaves make me smile. Their colors are popping out here and there...see all of the green in the background? I think it makes the splashes of color more vivid.

Fall baseball. It's more laid back than summer ball. The first two weeks were almost too hot in the mid 80's. The last two weekends have been cold and windy. It changes fast. I like the yellow fall jerseys.

Oranges and yellows....


....yellows and oranges....

...and yellows....

...and oranges and yellows. You get the idea. I love when everything is all color co-ordinated and beautiful.

I'm not usually a fan of yellows and oranges....

....but in the fall I am.
And I'm pretty much a fan of whatever the boys are doing.

The weather wasn't the best this weekend, misty and cool....but I love how the woods smells on those damp days.
And a little cool and damp never hurt a good soccer match.

I think that the leaves almost look better on a cloudy damp day. The tree trunks turn dark, the oranges and yellows don't have to compete with the sunshine.

Billy wasn't going to play baseball on Sunday, he thought he should rest his injured toe. He watched the first game...but when the baseball bug bites, it's hard to sit and watch. He taped it up and played in the second game.

One weekend of soccer and baseball left....and probably two weekends of leaves....

....gotta soak in all that color while I can! Hope you're having a happy fall too!

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