Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Lonely Boys

See these boys? What do you think they are looking for? One thing they are looking for is food, because they are always looking for food.

But they are looking for something besides food. They are looking for their cow buddies. All of the cows at the lower farm have been sold. It's the first time that I know of that there haven't been cows there. These boys have always been pastured with the cows. And they don't like that they are gone.

And although it is something that had to be, I don't like it that they are gone either. It doesn't seem right. Czar says....where are they, are they over here?

Not there, maybe they are over by the road. Sorry boys, they went down the road in a trailer. I really don't like thinking about where the trailer went. Some tough farm girl huh??

Skylar, what are you going to do without your cow buddies here? maybe?

Quit your jabbering lady, I am starving....starving I tell ya....cows? What cows? Feed me would you? So I fed him. Sheesh. He's like a teenaged boy when it comes to food.

Then, the next morning what do I see? Hey human....feed me will ya? And where did the cows go? Did they take my darned food with them? Hello...can't you see me over here? Hello... Oh, quiet down Mr. Ed.

What do you think about the changes around here Skylar? Blah...yuck...that's what I say. Me too.

Skylar, you are one silly horse.

Czar, what do you think about all that? You don't know why everyone is horsing around when you're missing your cows?

Yeah, me neither...but just be glad that you boys get to stay for now. Changes, they're never easy.

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Bush Babe said...

Awww... your boys are gorgeous! Huge. And gorgeous... give em a hug for me!