Thursday, October 29, 2009

The night before the night before Halloween

It's almost Halloween...almost time to carve the pumpkins. We have a few more to buy. When I was a little girl, my grandma and grandpa grew piles of pumpkins. This picture was probably around brother and I are surrounded by the pumpkins with grandma and "Towser" the dog looking on. We got to pick out a few to bring home and carve. It was pretty exciting.

When the boys were little they helped me plant some pumpkins. We got about a half dozen really nice pumpkins. I felt so good about teaching them about planting and growing and weeding and gardening. The following year we gave up on the gardening....there just wasn't time. That fall we went to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins. The boys were so excited....then one of them said they didn't remember the pumpkin patch...."where did we get our pumpkins last year?" So much for that wonderful time of learning about growing pumpkins!

Here's a little blurb from one of my favorite movies. It came on once a year when I was little....and you better be home to see it or it would be a whole year before you could see it again. No TiVo, no DVR, no VHS tapes to record remote control to change channels. It was in black and white at our house. How did we survive??

I haven't done much decorating for Halloween yet...I guess Friday will be the day for that. I did find our little plastic still lights up! I think it's pretty cute for being fake. The boys are both dressing up for school...Brian is going as Forrest Gump and Billy is going as...hmmm...he wasn't sure. I guess he had better decide soon.

Eric and I are going to a costume party on Saturday...lots to do before then! Have to work on my costume, clean the house, decorate the house, buy some pumpkins, put the candy in the big bowl for the trick or treat's....and, um, buy some more candy for the big candy bowl because somebody who shall remain nameless has been snitching it.....the work is never done around here. :-)

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