Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A missed Birthday

A missed birthday, but not a forgotten one. Eric's mom Barb had a birthday on October 10th. If I were organized I would have had a blog set up and ready to go to honor her. But I'm not, and I didn't...so here it is a little bit late. Happy belated birthday Barb!

Eric's mom grew up in St. Paul, she is the oldest of 3 girls....one blond, one brunette and a redhead. Here she is with her little duck, isn't she cute!!

Just a little bit older...sorry that I don't have her age on this picture handy...I see such a resemblance to Eric's youngest niece in this picture. I love having pictures of our parents when they were growing up!

And her senior picture...smiling yet serious....and such a beauty.

She started college right after high school, got married and started their family, graduating from Hamline University just days before Eric's younger brother Chris was born....I admire her tenacity. The following picture is at Como zoo, Chris is riding the tortoise while Barb, Eric and his sister Amy look on. I love this picture....and I'm pretty sure that I rode that very same tortoise when I was a little girl!

Barb and Bill were both teachers until Bill decided to go back to school to get his degree in Medicine. At that point Barb supported the family teaching while Bill studied. This was during a time when it wasn't very common for a woman to be bringing home the bacon! Again, I admire her tenacity and her drive.

Barb left her teaching job when Bill graduated from medical school. He took a job in my little home town and they moved their family there in 1972. Barb spent her time raising their family, taking in 3 foster children along the way, as well as volunteering her time to the school, church and community. She is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a loving grandmother, an artist....

...and a traveler that has seen many parts of the world.

She is also an example of how life should be lived.

She and Bill celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2008....what a gift to their family.

Last week she and Bill brought my mom down to watch Billy's football game....

....and to celebrate her birthday. After the game we had pot roast done in the crock pot followed by birthday cake. Blowing out candles never gets old does it?

What a wonderful evening spending time with family and celebrating the day....even though it was a couple of days late. Barb, you are such an inspiration and blessing to us all.

Thank you for all that you do for all of us. We love you!

And I do have to say....birthdays...they are always a little better when there is cake.

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Covenant Lights by Dorothy said...

What an amazing tribute to the best oldest sister a girl could have!! I use the term "girl" lightly. :-) from the redheaded sister.