Sunday, October 25, 2009

Typical Weekend

We had a pretty typical October weekend...except for the fact that the sun was out for a little while on Saturday morning! Eric and I drove up to the farm on Saturday for the day to help my mom with a few things and to have Skylar's hooves trimmed. We watched the Vikings game at home after church on Sunday. Oye. Let's just talk about Saturday.

The fall colors have been unusual this year with the odd weather, but this weekend the oak trees were putting on a show.

There were a couple of Brown-eyed Susan's hanging on in my mom's garden.

I generally gravitate towards flowers that are pink, but these sure caught my eye with the warm fall colors all around.

Murphy seemed to be happy to be able to soak up some of the hard to find sunshine. It didn't last very long. About an hour later the skies turned gray again....

....the oaks were pretty, but the gray is getting old. With the gray came a cold breeze. It feels like late November.

Eric bundled up to hang some new lights on the posts of my mom's porch.

I bundled up and waited for the farrier. And waited some more. While I was waiting I spotted these pretty little apples....

....and some more pretty oak leaves.

Czar was sort of feeling left out that he didn't get to leave the pasture to graze on the lawn while we were waiting for the farrier. Czar has been blessed with easy to maintain hooves. Skylar on the other hand needs a trim every few weeks...too bad for him that he doesn't get one that often.

After the horses were taken care of we met Eric's folks for supper...and then returned to my mom's to see the pretty new lights. Ahhhhh.

They have a light sensor that tells them to come on at night. I love the warm glow.

There is something about a warm porch light shining that says welcome home. Hope you like them Mom!

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