Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today it's Tulips

Today it's tulips. And a part of a song.  The unending, dangerously cold days and nights are starting to take their toll. I think that the phrase "bitterly cold" means that it's been so cold for so long that people are starting to become bitter. Schools were closed yesterday and again today because of the temperatures and wind chills. The good news was that last night our volleyball league played on. It was so nice to get out and exercise and spend time with humans. Well, humans other than my husband and son. Not that they are so bad, it was just really nice to get out!  
A song by Greg Brown keeps rattling around in my head...well, the first few lines do anyway.  The song is Rexroth's Daughter and it's making me think that I should just say farewell to this frozen tundra.  Yes I'm taking it out of context, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

coldest night of the winter
working up my farewell
in the middle of everything
under no particular spell
i am dreaming of the mountains
where the children learn the stars
clouds roll in from Nebraska
dark chords on a big guitar
my restlessness is long
i would stand here like an old jack pine
but I'm looking for rexroth's daughter
the friend of a friend of mine
~ Greg Brown

 I spent a few  minutes playing with my photo of the day...added a texture and some text...thinking of spring the whole time I putzed with it.  It might have worked except for the frigid draft of air that is permeating my house and freezing my fingers and toes.

Winter in Minnesota.  It might seem as though people are Minnesota nice, but the truth is they aren't smiling, that's really just a grimace frozen on their faces.  Spring can't arrive soon enough.  Thanks for stopping by...but be careful not to stay too long, because if you do, your car probably won't start!

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