Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finding Stuff

My "Losing Stuff" post had too much negativity.  Today's post is about the other side of life.  We can find so many positive things, especially if that is what we are looking for!  Here are a few:

The cats are actually getting along!  I had set up this little basket for Greta to watch the birds while I'm working.  It kept her off my keyboard!  Well, once Molly decided that she was over her snit about having a kitten in the house and finally came out of the basement, she started sitting in the basket to watch the birds too.  On Sunday, Greta was parked there minding her own business when Molly came along and decided to plop right on top of / beside her.  Greta didn't even notice.  New found friends.

We have had a string of warmer days in a row...so nice after the deep freeze!  The ice globes are melting, what a nice sight to see!  Speaking of nice...I had mentioned losing my fitbit in my last post....not so nice...but  I contacted the fine folks at fitbit, they are replacing my pedometer for free!  I emailed to ask if I could buy a replacement at a lower cost since I had the charger etc...they checked and said it was under warranty, what color would you prefer??  What??  When does that happen?  Best customer service ever!

News like that can make my whole day happy!  So can happy flowers!  I treat myself to flowers when I go to the grocery store.  Bright yellow gerbera daisies.

Doesn't it just say "sunshine"??  Brighter sunny days ahead!

One of my favorite flowers.

These are pretty too, but it's always the gerbera's that catch my eye.

Oh...remember those friends from the start of the post?  I found them napping together on Billy's unmade bed today.  Still friends.

And with that, I better hop to it.  Sheets to wash, beds to make.  Finding some routine in my days now that the boys are both back in school.  I hope you are finding things to make you smile today!  Thanks for stopping by.

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