Sunday, January 12, 2014

Losing Stuff

Apparently this has been my weekend for losing stuff.  I guess I should say things.  Sometimes it's my lost mind that I miss the most.  Oh well, that's just the way it goes sometimes.

First things first, my photo of the day from Thursday...a chickadee at the doubt happy that the days have been getting warmer.  Thursday was the first day of losing something...our volleyball matches in the play-offs.  We were higher than both teams that we played in the standings...the first match should have been close...and it was...but we lost.  We should have easily won the second match.  Our passing skills were lost, so was the game.  So it goes.  It's not like it's the Olympics or anything. The good news is that the new season starts in a couple of weeks.

On Friday we went ice fishing with a friend.  It was awesome!  Except for the part where I lost my fitbit monitor.  It's an overpriced activity / sleep monitor to help keep track of how much activity and how much uninterrupted sleep you get each day. A fun motivator. I had just gotten dedicated to using it again everyday. And then it fell out of the cheap clip that it came with sometime Friday night.  Argh.  It's just a thing, I know that, but I hate the thought of spending money on something like that again. Darn it.

On Saturday we went to the country to visit our parents and celebrate my mom's birthday.  It was a beautiful, warmish day that seemed even warmer after the deep freeze we were just in.  There was some unique frost on the rocks by the river, so I spent some time taking photos in the park.  I was SO excited about one set of photos...I thought that they were going to wind up being the best photos I've ever taken.  I looked at them on the camera, a couple of times.  The scene was perfect, the lighting just how I wanted it...I had to look at them again and again. I wish that I hadn't.  My screen read "Image processing error" or some horrible thing like that.  I couldn't open them.  When I got home I couldn't down load them.  I couldn't copy them.  After several different and failed attempts to get them, they ended up being wiped from my memory card.  Unfortunately running the check disk utility got rid of them for me.  Apparently my memory card had failed. Great.  80 plus photos.  Again, not really a big deal, but still a little hard to swallow.  I had so much hope for a few of them!

The losing ways didn't stop there. This morning I found an almost full pan of lasagna that didn't get put into the fridge after our trip home last night. Today's lunch...lost.  And then, Billy headed back to school this afternoon.  That has me feeling a little lost too.  I think that my half full glass has developed a leak.

So...aren't you glad that you stopped by for this little pity party?  Do bad things come in 3's or do we just stop counting after that?  I think I'm done counting.  And done complaining.  Really.  A new week is ahead...and so is most of the new year...and that's pretty nice to look forward to!  Thanks for stopping by...come back again...things are bound to be better!

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