Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Wave of Cold

Here's a big's really stinking cold again!  It was -20 this morning.  It's getting old.  I think I'll just stay inside and take pictures of my cat.

Not really, but there are days when going outside isn't much fun.  On Friday it was a little warmer, but it snowed.  Here's a shot of the neighbors house from the front porch.  That's as far as I wanted to venture out.

Saturday was supposed to be somewhat warm, so we scheduled an appointment with the farrier to trim the horses hooves.  The forecast got worse as the week went on, but their feet needed fixin', so we kept the appointment.  Long underwear, flannel lined jeans, wool everywhere else, lots of layers.  It wasn't too bad out of the wind.  When we were done I drove to my brothers place up on the hill to see the sunset.

It was windy there!  Windy and really cold.  And he wasn't even home.  Shucks.  Did I mention that it was cold?  But I did get a few shots of the winter sky.

 Can't you almost feel how cold it was?

Maybe it's just because I don't think that my hands have thawed out yet.  It's warmer in Alaska than it is in Minnesota right now.  Maybe it's time to move.  The low tonight around -23 F...and windy.  The highs tomorrow are supposed to be around zero.  Winter is getting long.

 Here's a panorama of the cold winter sky.

So I'm staying inside with the cat.  I found her asleep on the kitchen table.  We are trying to keep her off of things, but she's relentless.  Should have named her "Trouble".

I did manage to get some tulips home without them freezing.  Not enough to tip toe through...

...but that would be pretty tough with thick wool socks anyway.  I hope that the weather is better in your neck of the woods!  Thanks for stopping by.  Please send some warm air next time.

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