Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Visitor on a Cold, Cold Day

Sunday gave us a wonderful break from the brutal cold days.  Unfortunately it's been getting colder every day since.  It was -18 F last night, not including a nasty wind chill.  This has been one of the longest winters yet.  It's enough to get a happy go lucky person down in the dumps...just think of what it's doing to the rest of us!  I've been looking for things inside the house to take photos of.  Here's an amaryllis. Ho hum.

Here's Greta.  I know.  It's getting old and boring and I am really losing interest in taking my photos of the day.

Today it was a struggle just to pick up the camera. I wasn't inspired by anything.  No new flowers in the house...they would freeze on the way home.  No motivation to go outside when it's still -15 F.  Here kitty one of the cat, ho hum.  Got one of a plant...double ho hum.  Maybe it's time to just forget about trying to find something.  But then...I saw a flash of a wing in my backyard.  What was that?  Could it be something cool??  I think I know what it is!  Do you see that brown form behind the bush?

I had the camera to the window for a little while, wondering if it would ever take off...then it did!  A red tail hawk.

A big, beautiful hawk!  Could I get a good enough picture through my kitchen window?  Here's one. Sort of blah.  Ok...time to get bundled up and face the cold.

Will it fly away before I get there?  He didn't.  He stayed put for a long time!  I wandered out to the edge of the yard...and he didn't move.  Maybe he was hoping I'd scare up a rabbit.  Maybe he was too cold to care.  I took this picture and the next one with my 70mm-200mm lens with a 2x converter attached.  The last time I used the converter the pictures weren't very clear.  I was considering selling it. This time around makes me want to keep it and use it even more!

Hello hawk.  I love hawks.  People that really, truly know me know why.  I won't go into it here, but I will say that I always feel like someone is watching over me when hawks are near.  And I always say, "hello hawk" when I see one.  And they always make me smile.

I was afraid that the 2x converter wouldn't give me clear enough shots again, so I took it off for a few.  What a difference a zoom makes!  Here are a couple without it.

Oh...I think he sees me..."hello hawk!"

The hawk seemed to have something odd going on with his left eye.

Here's a closer view.  Not sure what it is, it looked scaly, or maybe ruffled feathers, or I guess it could even be ice crystals.  The eye is still there, it just seems to be covered over with something.  It doesn't look quite as bad from the side view.  But man, the poor guy.  Colder than cold outside and his most important sense is hindered.  But he still caught a rabbit.  And he was looking for more.  Hopefully he'll be just fine and will visit garden plants will appreciate a few less rabbits in the neighborhood.  And I loved seeing him!

But Mr. Hawk...sometimes my little cat escapes when I let out the dog.  Please don't eat her, she's mostly fluff anyway!  There is always something to look out for, even in the suburbs!  But I'm so happy Mr. Hawk stopped by today, maybe I will keep taking my daily photos after all.  A little inspiration, a little hope.  It goes a long way on a cold winter day.  I hope that you are staying warm and inspired where ever you are!  Thanks for stopping by!

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