Friday, November 2, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Who me?  I was shocked when I saw that I hadn't posted since August 22nd.  How did that happen?  Well, I can explain....see the picture below?  That group of boys has sort of taken over my days since this picture was taken on August 22nd.

It's Billy's football team.  Earlier in the summer I was "voluntold" that I would be co-chairing getting the memory book done for the team.  I really only wanted to take pictures at the game.  I knew that taking on the book would be a huge project.  The other co-chair is a little guess where the responsibility landed.

I have been taking the football photos.  And doing the book.  And trying to keep up with my daily photos.  The photo above is some russian sage in my front garden.

We took a little time to go to the very crowded State Fair.  It was hot, but we had fun anyway.

Every few photos will be back to football.  It's been fun to be such a part of things.  It hasn't been fun how all-consuming this book has been.  I am finally caught up, at 200 pages.  Unfortunately the group in charge couldn't decide which way to go with printing the book, so I've been laying out each page twice in different sizes and slightly different proportions.  Ugh.  I'm glad that I did it that way though, because they've decided to have both options available for the parents to purchase.  I would be hurting right now if I hadn't done it both ways from the start.

Way back in August we brought Brian back to school.  It's always a hard transition for him and for me.  We raise them so they can go out and test their wings...and wonder why our nest back home feels so empty.

We've been having a drought around these parts....I think we went 6 weeks without rain.  My cosmos are shorter than normal...but I sure love the late summer blooms.

Bird bath in my backyard.  The birds love the water.  I think I was having one of those days where I was feeling the way this frog looks.  Sigh.

Molly enjoying the evening sun.  Random stuff ahead as I catch up with photos.  Not all today worries!

First away game of the season.  Billy is #89.

The beautiful full moon.  And with that I'll close.

 More catching up tomorrow....with the blog, with the housework.  And maybe a nap along the way.

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