Saturday, November 10, 2012

November in November

With this post I'll be officially caught up, except that it's scheduled to post on Saturday, so I'll be a day behind again.  Oye.  So it goes.  I think that fall is the only time of the year that I like the color orange.  Some flowers on the island in my kitchen.  Shorter days means less time to take photos under natural light.  At least the orange brightens things up.

Football is still going on...I hope.  The quarter final state tournament game is Friday night, this will post on Saturday.  I'm predicting a win...lets hope I'm right!  Last Friday they played a team that was all in orange.  Too much orange for me.  Not as bright as hunters orange, a little brighter than prison jump suits.  Our team looked good, I think that they have gotten their stuff together at just the right time.  Go Eagles!

I had a sample printed of the football memory book to make sure that the margins were good etc.  I like how it is turning out.  I hope to have 3 more games to add to it!

I still have my scare crow out on my front step.  I probably should bring him in pretty soon. I think he's cute.

Our pup isn't looking very young any more.  Penny is 12 or 13...I can't remember right now.  I'm not looking very young any more either.  She loves rolling around in the yard, getting full of little leaves and bringing them into the house.  I need to either vacuum or rake the floors really soon.

Tuesday...election day.  We are encouraged to vote for candidates that have us totally discouraged about the future of our country.  Politicians spewing hate, lies and distrust.  God Bless America...we need it.

I like yellow flowers in the fall too.  How is that for quickly changing the subject?

And back to our sweet old dog.  She loves her rawhide bones.  She holds them between her front paws and goes to town.  Sometimes she'll just take them in her mouth and toss them up into the air.  Poor girl needs someone to play fetch with her.

And with that I'll end.  My old dog is calling me.  Thanks for stopping by!

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