Monday, November 5, 2012

More Football And Catching Up

Mostly photos today and not much talk.  Last minute instructions before the game vs. Hopkins.

Punting in the JV game.

A quick trip to the farm on a Sunday.  My brother has been working like crazy to get the harvest in.

Sometimes I would just go and sit outside for a bit to get away from the computer and breath in the air.  The jet trail was so pretty that day.  I always wonder...where is it going?  Are the people going home, leaving home, happy to be there, wishing they were somewhere else.  Flying away can be such a wonderful thing.  Flying back is even better.

Eric found me sitting outside when he came home from work one day.  He was happy to be home.

The days are getting shorter, the evening light comes early.

I spent a day at the farm one Thursday in September.  A day to be near with family and think about my dad. How can it be four years that he's been gone?

Then it was back home for football.  Billy was in the front of the line for the National Anthem.  I love this picture of him.  Another one of those photos that have made the Memory Book project worth it.

I liked it enough to play with it in photoshop a little bit.  I'd say that it's a winner.  He liked it enough to use it as his profile picture in Facebook.  Score for mom!

Oh look...another full moon.  I must be getting closer to being caught up.

And one last September November.  It works for me.

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