Sunday, November 4, 2012

September Flowers

September flowers in November?  It doesn't make sense, I know.  But sometimes, when I'm trying to catch up, I have to start where I left off.  When doing the football memory book, I really struggled with getting started.  I wanted to have things figured out before I jumped in.  Everyday that I spent thinking about it and not starting put me further behind.

But once I started, I had to go from the beginning and just plug away at it.  In order.  Apparently that's how my brain works.  First things first, one step at a time.

Same goes for getting caught up with my photos of the day.  I've been taking them, just not posting them.  And instead of picking up from today, it makes more sense in my mind to pick up from where I left off and then try to catch up.  Oh look, we went to a Twins game in September.  The only one of the season.  I imagine that will change when we don't have Billy's games to go to.

I've really enjoyed being on the field taking football photos.  It's been overwhelming when added to putting together the memory book, but that's OK.  Sometimes I get a cool shot that makes it all worthwhile to me.

Most games I take between 800 and 900 photos.  Then there are the JV games where I take a few less, but still in the 600 to 700 range.  Then I have to sort through and toss out the really bad ones.  I've also been tagging the photos I take so I can find the different kids when I'm making the memory book to try to keep track of the number of photos of each kid.

On top of that there are a lot of newspaper articles to be included. And on-line articles. The articles are being collected by two different football mom's, and our friend Bob...just to make sure nothing is missed.  Then I have to scan them, and format them, and layout the pages making sure that the articles don't get so small that the type can't be read.  And keep them in order.  And my house is now a big mess because of it all!
I did take some time and took Billy's senior pictures in the Interstate Park in Taylors Falls.  He was a trouper.  Sorting through more photos wasn't high on my list at the time, but it needed to be done.  And I'm happy with how they turned out.

And then it rained.

I feel as though I've missed most of the late summer and fall by sitting at my computer while the days speed by.

But that's the way it goes sometimes.  I'm sure I'll have a lot more time on my hands next year when both boys are off to college.

And then I'll spend my time wondering what to do with myself...

...ha...or not.  Good or bad, there is never a lack of things to do around here!

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