Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October in November

October pictures in November...that's getting better!  My dad used to say that he was so behind on the farm that he was almost caught up.  It took me awhile to realize that he meant that once he was a full year behind he was really just starting the next year.  I'm not quite at that point yet.  But this post will be mostly pictures, like usual.  I hope you enjoy them.

The fall colors in one corner of my backyard.

A cosmos and a bee.

Wild sunflowers at the Arboretum on a beautifully warm day.

Mum on my front step.

Football game, away vs. Minnetonka.  Big win.

JV football vs. Minnetonka, first loss for JV 13-14.  Billy kicking an extra point.  They went for two points with their last touchdown...going for the win and not a tie...only to get shut out for the loss.  Pretty day for a game though!

Red berries on the blue sky.  Sigh.

Front step mums from a different angle.

Yellow mums, looking at the neighbors stately home.

One last sad petunia.  They like to be watered once in awhile.  Oops.

Billy's coach speaking at the Homecoming BBQ.  The team was 6-0 at that point...will it last?

Before the homecoming game.

 First loss off the season.  Someone wasn't very happy about it.  I have to say though, more lessons are learned with a loss than with an easy victory.  I didn't mention that to Billy at the time.  Tough loss.

JV game versus the same team the following morning.  Misty, rainy day...played on the grass.  They got muddy, they got the win.  The rollercoaster of winning and losing....or losing and winning.  Whatever.  It was a sweet victory.

Back to the mums....and a yellow, yellow tree.

Football, flowers, and birds.  Makes sense to me.  This little chickadee is getting ready for winter....and I'm loving my new camera lens.

...and I'm also loving it that pretty soon, I will be all caught up.  Thanks for stopping by!

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