Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15th, 2012

Creative title don't you think?  My last post left off with not knowing if the football season would continue or not.  Well, it's continuing!  The boys played a tough game, beating Minnetonka 21-18.  The game went to the final seconds.  After the game his coach said, "well somebody enjoyed that game..." meaning that it was too close for comfort!  Photo taken after the game.  They play again on Friday night.

It was really warm on Saturday, almost 70 degrees.  The dog is still loving the grass, rolling around and shaking.  In the full sized version of this photo you can see hair and leaves and other debris flying off of her.  No wonder I can't keep up with the house work.

Eric left for a short business trip on Sunday afternoon, just as the temperatures dropped here.  They dropped fast! We had a little rain and snow and wind and thunder.  A tornado touched down in a neighboring suburb. Crazy.  It was a cold day, so Billy and I had a fire in the fireplace.  First one of the year.  It was nice and toasty!

This looks like a snowy picture, but it's not.  Just some berries on a cold November sky.

Cardinal at the feeder at dusk.  I don't think he was happy that I let the seed get so low!

This is Molly after eating the cardinal from the above photo.  NO...NOT REALLY...IM KIDDING!  She was on her favorite unmade bed and the red comforter was reflecting on her chin.  I didn't notice that it looked like a bloody mess until I posted the picture.

Sorry, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet....hoping it happens soon!  Thanks for stopping by.  Make it a great day!

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