Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Little Color

Look at all of these posts in a row!  How can it be?  I'll be caught up before too long!  It's November and there isn't much color out there right now, but a few short weeks ago look at the bright yellow filling the window of Billy's room.  I stopped and enjoyed it every single time I walked by....especially when the sun was shining on it.

There was only a short break between football games in October, they played on Friday the 12th, where they had their first loss....and then played again on Wednesday the 17th because of MEA weekend.  A short time to recover and regroup.  Too short I guess, they lost again.  After all of the hype and winning the State Tournament this year, this season had drastically changed.  Time would tell how things turn out from this point.

Wednesday night game followed by a Thursday morning JV game.  Eric, Billy, my mom, and Eric's folks after the game.  How wonderful to have fans at the games.  Unfortunately the JV team had their 2nd loss of the season as well.  The boy is still smiling can you not smile when you have fans at your games?

A little break from football and doing the memory book to snap a picture of Molly resting on an unmade bed.  Unmade beds are her favorite place to snuggle!

Penny wants to play.  She has attention deficit disorder...she never gets enough attention.  Ever.

We took a quick trip to the country to help winterize different things.  This boy is starting to winterize himself by growing a fluffy coat.

Yellow and red on an overcast day.

The huntress...awake long enough to go in search of prey.

Beautiful all day rain.  We need a few more rainy days like this one!

Too much working on the memory book, an exhausting double header volleyball game, the Vikings on a Thursday night...sometimes a cold beer is just the ticket.  Halfway through the beer I remembered that I hadn't taken my photo of the day...cell phone in one hand, beer in the other.  Sometimes it just has to be good enough.

Back to football.  Billy had fans again.  My niece Stephanie, her hubby Jim and sweet little Avery came to the first play-off game on a cold, windy night.  The boys were rewarded with a win.  Avery was rewarded with a view a mile high into the air.  On top of a kid that's 6'5" tall and wearing shoulder must have felt like she was on top of the world!  Too cute.

The birds have been really busy at the feeder...I wonder if that means something about the winter to come.  Maybe it just means that they are hungry!  This little chickadee was about to crack the sunflower shell.  Tweet.

Brian came home for the weekend, he was away at a wedding for most of Saturday, but had some time to carve pumpkins on Sunday.  Nothing better than family traditions....and there's really nothing better than having the family home to share them!

The pumpkins keeping watch on our front porch.

A little Halloween decoration in my living room.  Soon to be replaced with my snow village.  I'm thinking of setting up the snow village before Thanksgiving.  I should be thinking about getting the house cleaned and ready for guests instead.  We shall see!

Happy late Halloween.  Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Happy that my next post will feature November pictures in November.  At least I'm happy.  I hope you are too.  Thanks for stopping by!

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