Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speeding Along

The final days of summer are speeding along.  Sometimes it feels like the days speed up.  We are busy trying to fit in those things we haven't done yet.  Stopping to smell the flowers when we can.  This is a "naked lady" at my mom's farm.  They were taken from some bulbs that my grandmother had planted at their farm.  Sparkly pink with touches of yellow and blue.  Beautiful flowers.

A rose popped opened in my front yard.  I hadn't been out that way for a few days, so it was a pretty surprise.

Brian and I went clothes shopping to get him a few things for school.  He did well!  OK..I'll admit, some of the things in those bags were mine too.  :-)

I've been busy with work, and busy sorting football photos, and busy putting off my I haven't felt like picking up the big camera.  That's when cell phones come in handy.  We have one week of golf left in our league.  It's been fun, but I'll be glad when the season ends.  Road construction has made the drive to the course not so fun, a new league president has changed things and has now it's been a little different this year.  Lots of pretty nights out there though!

And of course with golf ending soon, the volleyball league registration came today.  The days just keep rolling by.  I hope that you are enjoying these last few days of summer!

August 22, 2011: Blog Post & Photo of the Day

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