Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A little Behind...with posting!

The intermittent blogger.  Argh.  Things got busy.  Then I got tired.  Tired of photos and trying to keep up.  But I did keep taking them...so now I'll share them.  Two months later.  Let's catch up.  We're in the middle of November here...bright berries on the neighbors tree.

My favorite slippers.  Resting, no music, no TV, no computer, just quiet.  It doesn't happen often enough.

Way back during football season.  The boys were checking the replay on the jumbotron during the semi-finals game.  Cool moment.

 On the road coming home from running errands...Eric was driving.  Thankful for the cell phone camera on those days that getting the big camera out seems like too much work!

When in doubt take a picture of the messy dog.  We had leaves in our house all fall.  Wonder why.

I liked the way the sun was hitting the bare branches.

Billy and sweet Avery on Thanksgiving day.

Football State Championship game at the kickoff...vs. Lakeville North.  EP won!  What a season!

A night out for dinner for Brian's birthday and my birthday.

Billy with his football coach at the end of the season banquet.  They are laughing at me because I forgot to take off the lens cap.  Coach said, "and you were our photographer?"  One of my finer moments.  At least they laughed.

 It was a busy weekend in November with Thanksgiving, football practice that morning, a houseful for Thanksgiving dinner, out of town over night guests, Championship football game, my birthday, Brian's birthday and the end of season football banquet in 4 short days.  No wonder I got tired.  But hopefully I'll get caught up in the next few days here!  Thanks for coming back.  I think I'm back now too.

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