Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Contest

I entered a design contest last week, something new for me. I found out about it from belonging to an Adobe Illustrator group on facebook. The design challenge was to come up with a design showing how nature and technology are tied together. I called my design "Harmony Peacock" creating harmony between nature and technology. I had a few other ideas...but this one jumped into my head and the others left. Ideas do that sometimes. It took a full 24 hours after I submitted my design for it to show up on their website. In the mean time....someone else submitted a peacock that was very, very similar to mine....and it was posted before mine was. Ugh. At first I didn't know if the company had taken my design and changed it to suit themselves or what....then my design showed up. Whew. I felt better, but don't like the idea that some people will think I took the other designers idea. The timing was unfortunate. Oh he is....Harmony Peacock.

I took a step out of my comfort zone to enter. There is a section for comments after the entries...and I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what people thought. They've been nice so far. I took a leap out of my comfort zone and posted a link to the contest on my facebook page. Sharing my art with people that I know and care about isn't easy for me. But they've been nice so far too. I originally entered the contest because the top prize is a full version of Adobe CS 5...something that I would love to have but can't afford....and it seemed like it was worth a shot. Now I'm realizing that win or lose, I've already gained a lot from the experience...and that's more important than the prize will ever be.

You can click on the thumbnail if you want to see the design at the contest site. You could vote for it there if you wanted to.

HarmonyPeacock - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I know that I said the experience was better than the prize....but the experience plus CS 5? That would be better yet! :-)

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