Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Game One

Billy's football team had their first game yesterday. It was cold, really windy, and raining off and on. Yikes. Nothing like jumping right in with fall weather. Or if you read yesterday's post that would be Autumn weather. It does sound better doesn't it?

Billy spent some time playing offense and defense. Here the offense is waiting for their quarterback....

...the quarterback comes in from the sidelines with the play. With the weather, it was tough to make plays. The Wayzata team that they were playing might have had something to do with that too.

Billy is punting for the team. He got to punt a lot during this first game.

Punting is tough enough as it is...with kids breaking through the line to block your kick....

Then add the wind and the rain and it being the first game and....

....this punt didn't fair too well. It went really high...straight up. Oops.

The defense held it all turned out ok. I think Billy punted at least 6 times in this first game.

This one went a lot better....long and straight.

I included this picture just because I like it. It shows the dark day, it shows my long and lean boy, it shows them getting ready, it just says football to me.

Not long after that shot Billy had to punt again. He got the punt off, it was a good one, but it didn't end so well for him. He was rushed...

...he was plowed into and knocked over by their big guy. Sort of scary when the kicker is stretched out making his kick.

The big guy said "why'd you fall, I didn't hit you" and then tried to help Billy up. Billy said, "what are you talking about, you plowed right into me". So the big guy dropped him back down. Plunk. Ooph. Billy limped off the field, his Dr. grandpa checked out his knee and said it was ok... Billy took the field again. He had a fire lit under him. Or a bee in his bonnet. Let's just say he wasn't happy about getting hit and then dropped back down. Don't try to block an angry Billy...

....or run past him with the ball.

Because when Billy gets fired up someones getting tackled.

He didn't even complain when the kid that he tackled sat on his head. He made a couple of strong tackles in a row. I was thinking maybe he should have gotten hit in the knee a little earlier after seeing him so fired up. Sort of...but not really. Really.

He played a good game, he had fans, his fans survived the cold and wind and rain....

...and they won their first game of the season against a good team. I'd call that a success. Look at all these kids...and this is just one of two 10th grade teams at his school. Crazy. But that's football in Eden Prairie.

It's a big program, the school takes a lot of pride in it....the kids do too. But the best part is getting a congratulations from grandpa...

...and spending time with friends.

Football season...ready or not it's here....I think it's going to be a good one.

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