Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quiet Fan

Brian has been playing soccer this fall, on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. I especially like the Wednesday night games, they are close to our house and I can ride my bike. After I air up the tires. Why is it that whenever I get the urge to ride my bike the tires are low? Anyway, back to soccer. I really enjoy watching Brian play. I enjoy watching Billy play which ever sport he happens to be playing too. A lot. People might not realize just how much I enjoy it....I'm usually a pretty quiet fan. The boys always know when I'm there, they don't need me hooting and hollering at them. They know I'm watching and supporting them. I go, I find a quiet spot, I watch, and I take lots and lots of pictures. Sometimes not many pictures turn out, but that's ok, it keeps me focused on them.

It's sort of funny to see how many different kinds of fans there are at the kids games. There are the ones that want to talk and talk and talk all through the game....I'm not much of a talker. Some are yacking on their cell phones. There are the some that yell and holler...seems like it's mostly to let you know which star athlete belongs to them. Some are experts on the team, or on the sport, or on something or everything and have to let you know just how much they know. Sigh. Some, like Eric, holler advice and encouragement to the kids...he's LOUD...but nice about it....that makes a big difference I'd say. Me, I prefer to just be quiet and watch, and focus on my boys, and concentrate on taking pictures. Click, click......until someone steps in front of me and blocks my view....or tries to bend my ear. Then I grumble. And pick out a new quiet spot....and hope that people can understand that I'm just a quiet fan wanting to watch my boys. On the other hand....sitting in front of the TV during a Vikings game is a whole different story.

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