Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Oh Where...

...has August gone? I think Molly is wondering the same thing. Time to catch up with my photos of the day.

The days fly by, my flowers don't get watered, my house doesn't get cleaned....

...sometimes the laundry gets done, but not put away. Sometimes we drive out of town and I take pictures out of the van window as we drive...like this one.

We went to Bayfield to see Brandi Carlile...but I already blogged about that. It just shows how far behind I am.

We haven't spent enough time with the horses...but they are happy to see us when we do visit. The flies have been nasty. Yuck.

My hibiscus likes the warm days, when I remember to water it. Most of the time it's pretty droopy.

We had some warm days, some rainy days, some days where I didn't remember to take a picture until almost night time...like this one of the chickadee.

Soccer has started for Brian. The gnats have been bad...bad for us playing softball too. They bite my ankles....and then itch for days. Part of summer around here.

Some days I have to bring my camera to softball because I've run out of time to take a picture...some days that works out just fine when the light is all warm and glowing....but then people walk by and I over hear them asking each other "what is she taking a picture of?" Flowers and light smarty pants.

I would rather just take pictures in my back yard, it's quieter. Except for the neighbors dog that barks at me every time I go out there. Woof. Woof.

Billy is finally done with 2 a day football practices. 2 a day practices mean 4 a day trips to school for us....which equals 36 stoplights and 4 stop signs along the way everyday. Here he was thinking he had it tough with all those work outs and stuff in the heat....I had to sit at stop lights!
He had a scrimmage on Saturday, his first game is Friday. Woohoo! I might take a picture or two.

And I might take a picture or two of this boy playing soccer. How can my boy be a senior in high school already? Where oh where did my little guy go? Brian announced that he wants me to take his senior pictures. I want a professional to do it. He is sweet to have that much confidence in me....even though it is misplaced. I think we will compromise and have a pro do the formal ones and me do the fun ones. Yikes.

It's been hot and humid again. Our power went out on Sunday night....about 15 minutes after we completed our fantasy football draft. One computer is not happy at all about it's instant shutdown. I'm thankful to be married to a software engineer. I'm also thankful that it wasn't my computer. This time.

I stepped way out of my comfort zone today and posted a design I had done for a contest onto facebook. I'll explain it and share it here tomorrow.

In the mean time....good-bye August. Next time stick around just a little bit longer ok??

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