Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day and School Days

We had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend before the hectic school year started. We stayed at Eric's family's cabin. It's so welcoming tucked into the woods. No cell phones, no computer, no TV, just time with family.

Sunday starts with church...the little church where Eric and I were married. These marigolds are planted on top of the wall, in front of the picket fence that surrounds the front of the church. They look like Autumn.

After church Eric and Brian helped Eric's dad put up some new shutters. Actually it was mostly Eric doing the putting up....

....while these two supervised. Every job needs a good supervisor or two.

Eric and I even found time to ride on Sunday. It was our first ride together of the summer...better late than never I guess. It's been a tough summer for getting out to ride....mostly because of Czar's battle with founder that started in June. Prayers were answered and his hooves seem to be sound now.

With the time that they've had off, both horses have forgotten a few of their manners. Czar wanted to stay in the pasture with his lady friends. Skylar wanted to dance instead of walk. But eventually we were on the trail and life was good. Except for the bugs...they weren't good....they were thick. But riding was good. :-)

We're usually treated to pretty skies....

....and pretty flowers when we are in the country. The long weekend was over before we knew it...and it was time to head home and get the boys ready for the school year.

Billy is a Sophomore now. 10th did that happen? The night before I asked him (with a chuckle) if he had his outfit picked out for school. He said no, I'm just going to roll with it. Boys.

Then there's Senior. Yikes. His last first day of school. I think I will have to follow him to college next year and take a picture of him heading to class. He'd love that, I'm sure. He carries a brief case for his papers, no more backpack. His brief case has something attached to it that was left over from a filming project he and his friends worked on this summer...he's leaving it on until it falls off. So much for a professional look. He's comfortable with it, that's what counts. My Senior. Sniff.

Here they are heading to the bus stop, but they didn't take the bus the first day...their dad drove them so they could get there early. They might not be my kids after all. It was a cloudy, dark morning....but it was daylight and this was the best photo I got. I am ready to throw my camera in the garbage can. This was at 800 ISO and I had to lighten it a bunch in Photoshop...and it's still too dark. Errr.

They survived their first day of school. The second day of school was followed by a football game for Billy....HEY...let go of my boy you punk!

They lost. But the weather was a lot better than for their first game! And my pictures weren't so dark...but most were blurry. Err.

After football Brian had a soccer game. They played hard....but they lost too. It was a beautiful night for the game though.

Brian wasn't really feeling like playing soccer before the game, but he was all smiles after I'm glad he played. Look at the boy run.....

......zoom. Full speed ahead...just like everything else these busy days. A senior. I don't think I'll ever be ready for that.

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