Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Baseball

Fall baseball started today for Billy. He's always played on Eden Prairie teams in the fall, but some things changed this year...a new coach, no room on the we had to figure out another way for him to get some baseball in. There was an option to sign up as an individual for fall ball, so he did and he's playing in the Gopher State competitive league on a team that is based in Orono...a town that's 20 some miles away.

He / we were a little concerned that the team would be mostly players from Orono and that he'd be trying to fit in on an established team. It turns out that most of the kids don't know each other, they are from different towns. 12 kids from 10 cities. Sort of a fun and unique opportunity to meet some new kids and have a fresh start. Billy said that everyone was really nice....he hit it off with a couple of the kids right away.

There is something pretty nice about seeing your kids happy and making friends easily. There is something pretty nice about watching baseball for an afternoon in the fall when the sun is shining and the temps are in the upper 70's. I might be complaining about the weather in a month or so, but today was as nice as it gets.

Every Sunday for 5 weeks he'll be playing a double header. The fields are on the other side of the city...but that's ok. I got to bring Billy by myself today since Eric was coaching Brian in soccer. Billy and I had a fun talk on the ride between his singing along with his ipod.
Singing + headphones = a few missed notes.

But that's ok, he was hitting the strike zone during the inning that he pitched. If singing off key helps him throw strikes, that's just fine with me. Play Ball!

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