Monday, September 20, 2010

Just some Pictures.

The days of Autumn seem to speed past as fast as the summer days. Maybe it's because we have to do all that we were doing before, but have less daylight to do it in. So today's post is back to just pictures.

I took this one of Brian while he was mowing the lawn. He wasn't thrilled to be mowing...but he did it anyway. Brian is taking a digital photography class, I think I will have him teach me a thing or two. I'm sure glad that I have kids that are smarter than me.

A bee on some cosmos. The bees have been busy, busy, busy this fall.

We had rain and thunder and lightening on Wednesday. Didn't anyone tell the weatherman that it is Autumn and it shouldn't be thundering and stuff? Brian's game got cancelled half way through.

A lot of my flowers are fading and dying....partly because of the season, partly because they've been neglected. See, it's not just my blog that is withering! The verbena look good here and there though. I liked this one in my little wheelbarrow sculpture.

Some more busy bees. Maybe it's the same one that is just super busy. I think I'll call it "Bee on Sage". Or not.

We spent some time on the farm on Saturday....clearing out treasures that had been saved in the barn. Did I say treasures? I think I meant junk. Most of it went in the's junk now. I didn't have a chance to ride, but I did snap a few pictures. This horses name is Breezy, she's a cute little mare. The borders seem to have adjusted to their new home.

And last but not least....a baseball picture. The game before theirs went a little longer than expected, so the boys decided to just chill out and watch for a while. I like the picture, but I especially like seeing the new friendships that are forming between all these boys that didn't know each other a short week ago. There's just something about baseball.

And with that, I better run. There's laundry to do, then a football game to watch! Busy is good.

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