Thursday, May 6, 2010


Bliss: 1. complete happiness 2. Paradise, heaven.

Well, that's Webster's definition. Penny's definition is: the river. Eric and I stayed at the cabin for the first time of the season last weekend. Since no one else was there we brought Penny with us. We got there after dark, she kept looking towards the river but didn't venture there on her own. The next morning was a different story though.

I said..."Penny, where's the river?" And this is what I saw...a ball of fluff with a swirling tail.

She was moving. "Hey Penny...wait for me!" Huh? Wait??

I said go ahead...and she did.

Ahhhh.....water.....bliss. The river was low so there was actually some beach to explore.

The view to the north...sort of....there is a bend in the river and I never get the directions quite right there.

This is looking towards the southeast....sort of....see the comment above.

And the exploring began. Penny...where are you going?

Come on back here!! And she did....exuberantly.

Penny....why are you so happy? Oh...her favorite things....her boys....Brian....

....and Billy...

....and water....what else is there?

Oh yeah, sticks.

Throw it again! And again! And again!

There's nothing like a happy dog to remind you the true meaning of bliss. Now if she'd just shake off all that water somewhere else I'd be blissful too!

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