Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday Recap

We had a sort of busy and very warm Sunday. We got up early and drove to our home town to get there in time for church. We had a birthday to celebrate! Eric's dad was having a party at the cabin in honor of his birthday.

After church and before the party we had a little time to spend at the farm. I got to say hi to my boys. The warm day had them feeling a little lazy. Here's Skylar, ignoring me but keeping his eye on me just the same. No buddy, I don't think you need any more food today.

Czar was happier to see me, but it was so warm he was almost too tired to eat. This is the first summer that the horses aren't sharing the pasture with cows...I don't think there will be a lack of grass for them to eat.

I had to get a picture of my mom's hanging basket...such pretty subtle colors.

Then it was time to go to the cabin. Eric and Brian headed down to the boat house to get the boat ready for the day.

The boathouse was built years ago, in a ravine on the river. Structures like this aren't allowed to be built anymore, but this one can stay because it's been grandfathered in. Eric and Brian pulled the boat out to get it ready.

Tug, tug, pull, pull....'s a heavy little boat!

Did you check to make sure that the plug is in?

Whew, it was. Good job Brian!

Brian's job was to sweep out the leaves that had accumulated in the boat over the winter. Something about a boy and a broom that leads to some serious air guitar....or broom guitar....or something. Brian, I think you are supposed to hold it the other way!

Eric's job was to hook up the newly charged battery to the battery powered winch....but it wasn't charged after all. That would have been too easy.

Sweep, sweep, sweep....Brian's job went a little better.

And then the guests arrived. And boat rides were given. Dawn's boy Logan headed for the swing.

It's a cabin favorite. Nothing like a dad powered swing to put a smile on a boys face!


Dawn and I had a nice chance to catch up and enjoy the peaceful river.

My mom was there nice of Eric's aunt Dorothy to snap a picture of us. I'm usually behind the camera!

We took a group shot of the people that were there at the moment...some more came later and didn't get into the picture. We had quite a group!

Then my little boys sat on my lap, just like old times. Squish.

And then the moon came up and we headed for home.

It was a fun filled day!

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