Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Year Ago

Last September when soccer started for Brian, my dad was there to cheer him on. He loved to tease, he teased him about the girls especially. I can just hear him say "do you think that purple shirt is going to help you with the girls lad?" "You look good buddy."

He and Brian liked to tell the same joke back and forth..."do you know why the boy decided to play soccer?" " So he wouldn't have to watch!" But we all knew that he liked to watch. He liked to be a part of what we all were doing.

A year ago....well, September 13.....he was there in the rain watching Billy play football. He wasn't feeling up to par, but he was there, wearing his E.P. hat cheering the kid on.
He'd usually start talking with one of the other fans, find out which boy was theirs and would cheer along with them for their player. He'd smile at the good plays and chuckle at the ones that weren't so good. He had a way of being proud as could be of the kids without bragging.

We sure never thought that in a couple of weeks he would be gone. I have to say that this season and the start of fall sports has been really hard for me. I miss him more than ever. He should be here, he wouldn't want to miss any of it....but then I remember he has the best seat in the house.

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