Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Changes in the Air and Mr. Goalie

It is feeling more like fall, there are definitely changes in the air. There are also changes in the hair. :-) Brian came home from school and I asked him for ideas for my photo of the day...he said "how about if you take one of my new hair style". Of course! Why didn't I think of that. Brian is now sporting a part. He said that the girls are noticing.

That's the most important part of a new hair style isn't it? The girls noticing. So far so good for being back in school. I like the new hair too.

Brian had soccer tonight. It was cloudy...and dark! Brian volunteered to play goalie. He hasn't played there very much. He did well.

His team won 8 to 2 or something like that. It was a challenge for me to get a couple of pictures in the dark. Dark at just after 7:00. Some rain was on it's way, but part of the dark is just plain because of shorter days.

Changes....they are coming. More on that another day.

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