Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Somethings Missing

Something is missing. Hmmm...what is it. Maybe a manicure? Nope, well, I could use one but I'm not the manicure type of woman. There seems to be something missing from my ring finger. What could that mean? Thrown in the marriage towel...nope. Lost my ring....nope. Lost a diamond....nope. Whew on all of those. It just means that we changed insurance companies and I had to have my ring appraised to have it insured. Who knew that it would take a week and would cost over $100 for an appraisal. In the mean time I'm feeling sort of lost without my ring!

Being without my wedding band reminded me of an older Greg Brown song. Band of Gold, it goes something like this:
Band of Gold
This band of gold never meant much to me
a link in the chain that the world wants to see
a part of the show that the world asks you for
You can do what you want behind any closed door

This band of gold slips off easily
but there's a mark underneath it anybody can see
The sun and the wind, the years and the days
made that mark a part of me and it won't go away

And just like that mark there's a part of my heart
your love protects from the storm and there I can be
a child who's free though my body is weary and worn

And that band of gold is as big as the sky
No ocean is wider--no mountain as high
It's as soft as your kiss is and as warm as our bed
and with that band of gold every day I thee wed.
~ Greg Brown ~
I dug through my jewelry cabinet and found this simple gold band. It's not my wedding ring, but it makes me feel better somehow.
And I won't leave you with the unsettling image of my man-hands...I'll share my photo for today. My yard boy again...

...I think the summer has been tough on him. Maybe I'm working him too hard. Hang in there little will be winter soon.

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