Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soccer Puppy

It's September, it's soccer season... and football season... and fall softball... and fall baseball... and.... well, never mind, last night was soccer. Brian is on the black team this season. I went to his game and was watching and taking a couple of pictures, minding my own business when...

...this darned thing showed up. Is there anything that is cuter than a puppy? Oh baby.

Hello little sweetheart. You are just about the cutest little thing I've ever seen! I snapped this photo just before he jumped into my lap with the exuberance that only puppies and young children have.

He was a busy little thing...and curious. Was that a ball out there? Oh boy!

The mom of one of Brian's team mates was puppy sitting. Her husband had this little guys "old dog" housemate with him. The older dog was patient, but you could see that the pup was just a wee bit on his nerves. I wonder how Penny would react to having a puppy in the house.

Not that I'm thinking about getting a puppy or anything...but....just look how cute this little guy is. Sigh. There ought to be a law about bringing such cuteness out into the public where they can pull on unsuspecting mom's whose boys are almost grown up heart strings and put that wouldn't a puppy be fun thought into their heads. But I'm not going there. Sigh.

Ok...back to the game. Hi Brian! I'm here, watching your game!! Won't you wave? Won't you say hi? Won't you acknowledge that I am your mother? Do you want a juice box, a little snack?

No you say, just the keys? Oh.

Sigh. Puppies and boys, they grow up way too fast. But I'm not going to be mooning over having another one....

...puppy that is. Little boys aren't that cute. Nope, not going there.

Even if the puppy didn't ignore me at the game. No way, no how.

Not even in a blue moon. Never mind that this isn't a blue moon. He sure was soft though.

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