Thursday, April 16, 2015

Still Kicking

It's true, I'm still alive and kicking.  Mostly kicking myself for getting so far behind with my blogging.  This picture was taken way back around the last time I blogged in February!  Yikes.

I have some time today, so I'll try to cue up a few posts and get caught up!  The pictures above and below were part of a "Watch 'em Grow" pot that I had in my family room.  I did make a movie of how the flowers grew, I'll share that in one of my next posts.

I took this picture of the sun setting while we were driving South on highway 35 at 70 mph or so.  And no, I wasn't driving!  I'm always surprised that a fairly clear picture can be taken at highway speed.

We went to Iowa to watch Billy play in a volleyball tournament.  It's so cool to me that he loves a sport that I have loved playing for many years.

It was a quick trip, I was home enjoying the tulips on my kitchen table the next day.

A fragrant hyacinth in my "Watch 'em Grow" pot.

The tulips on my table again.  Sometimes they last a long time, sometimes they don't!

A few more "Watch 'em Grow" pictures.

I love how they bring a feeling of spring right into the house when winter is dragging on.

I think that this is a grape hyacinth.  Again, in the "Watch 'em Grow" pot.

Beautiful Valentines roses.  Yep, I'm that far behind!

This guy has been my Valentine since 1979.  I must have been 5 years old. :-)  Not really, but that makes me feel old!

Brian was home with us for Valentine's Day.  I'm sure we enjoyed that more than he did!

Close up of my roses.  They lasted for a couple of you will see!

Delicious cornish game hen for supper.  I don't usually take food pictures, but this was a darn good meal if I say so myself!

So...what can I say...except Happy Valentine's Day in April.  It's better than tax day, that's for sure!  Thanks for stopping by.

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