Friday, April 17, 2015

Mostly Pictures

A horse, some flowers and the cats.  That about sums up my days during the winter!  When things warm up I venture outside to take pictures a little more often!

Here's Skylar, waiting for food.  The boy likes his feed!

A tulip.

Valentine's roses.

Dancing Greta.

Valentines roses.

The Valentine's roses that just keep going....

and going...

and flower bargain from Cub foods ever!

I like their tulips too.

Molly doesn't appreciate flowers.  Or having her photo taken.  Or much of anything except for food.

Roses again.

The tulips lasted a long time too!

Still pretty.

Greta in her favorite bowl.

And the last of the Valentine's roses.  Two full weeks later.  Crazy.

And with that, I'm caught up with February.  March in April doesn't sound nearly as bad.  Thanks for stopping by!

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