Thursday, April 23, 2015

Back Home

Vacations always seem to go by too fast.  But we came home to weather that was nicer than when we left, which is always a treat!  We got home late on a Monday, Eric had to get to the tax guy and then hop on another plane for a business trip on Tuesday...and I had two weeks worth of work to do in 4 days.  The beauty of having your own business and no backup for vacation days.  

Besides that, we came home to a fully blooming Christmas Cactus.  Maybe we should call it an Easter Cactus...but it bloomed at Christmas time too.  Lots of blossoms, it was crazy.

My lily bouquet was in a cold room while we were gone, it was still nice when we got back, an unexpected surprise.

My back ordered pink boots arrived while I was gone...tough to get on but comfy once I get into them!  A swim suit that I ordered for the trip arrived while we were gone too.  Shucks.

Two of the four amaryllis bulbs that I had planted for Christmas shot up and bloomed again while we were gone.  That's never happened before.  Things were blooming like crazy around here.

I made a fancy cake for Easter. It's a Pioneer Woman recipe... Lemon Lime Pound Cake  in a fancy pan.  I've made it twice, it's very, very moist...and weighs about 10 lbs...or at least it seems like it does!  Delicious.

My niece and her family were there.  This is my great niece with her bunny.   Easter is so much more fun with little ones and bunnies to share it with!

Holidays wouldn't mean much without family or friends.  Thanks for stopping by.

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