Saturday, April 25, 2015

Best Buds

Best Buds...not the BFF best friends forever type of buds...I mean the buds that come out unexpectedly, like this Amaryllis bulb that budded and bloomed for a second time this year. 

And like the first buds on the trees after a long winter.  Especially this crab apple tree that has come back to life after losing all it's leaves mid-summer last year.  So glad that it's back without much damage!

Buds...I guess this cat is a good buddy, but you can't tell by the intense look on her face.  She's leery of the camera.  And of being woken up.  She's really just pictured here because she was in my photos of the day.

Like I had said, this post is about buds like this.  The lilac bush outside of my office window.

And the tulips springing up.  The best buds of all.

Spring, a time of rebirth.  It's one of my favorite times of the year.  Has spring arrived in your part of the world?

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