Monday, April 27, 2015


I took a little trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum last week.  It was a sunny and warm day.  I knew that the colder weather was forecast, so I wanted to get out there while it was nice to see what was blooming.
There were pansies, and Scylla, and wild flowers and some daffodils here and there.  But best of all, the magnolia trees were blooming!  Mostly white ones, but a few pinks.  They are beautiful.  I'm always surprised to see them blooming in Minnesota, it seems like they should be further south.

The Apricot trees were also in bloom.  I hadn't noticed them before.  Like apple blossoms but so thick.  Some pink, some white.  I liked the pink ones the best.

So pretty against the blue skies.  And there were so many bees!  It was encouraging to see the bees.  A chatty gentleman that was admiring the trees mentioned that there were at least 3 varieties of bees in this one tree alone.

Back to the magnolia trees.  Do you see the cute chickadee?

Birds and flowers, two of my favorite things.  Warm days and blue skies rank right up there too.
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