Monday, April 20, 2015

A Couple of Birthdays

We celebrate a couple of birthdays in March.  The first one is this little peanut Avery.  She is my niece's daughter.  Somehow she just turned 5, I think she was just born a couple of years ago, so I don't know how that happened.  So fun to have a little one to celebrate birthdays with!

Not too much happened in between her birthday and Billy's, but I'll share the photos that I took on those days.  First, a decoration that resides in my Christmas cactus.  A little color for the days that are pretty bleak outside.

Blue skies and bare trees, sometimes that's all you got.

Brian and I took a trip over to the Como Park conservatory, just to see a little color.  I love this fern that was just opening up.  There is something about a fern unrolling that makes me think of prehistoric days.

The only thing prehistoric about this guy is his facial hair.  I think he wears it well!

You know it's a slow day when all I have is a picture of the cat.

Another slow day...

Some grocery store lilies to brighten things up.

The ice on the creek at the farm.  Or is it crick?  I just know that it's not big enough to be a stream!

Who cares, bring me food.

The flowers opened up quickly.

I usually pull the pollen things off as soon as the flowers open up, but I like how they look in pictures.

Pulling them prevents the mess when they fall, and it helps the blossoms to last longer....but they look cool.  I went for looking cool this time around.

And finally, the 2nd March birthday.  My littlest boy turned 20.  At 6'5" he isn't little, and at 20 I guess he isn't a boy.

But in my mind and heart, the boys are just 2 and 4 years old...and besides, it's the only way I can get by with saying I'm still 29!  Denial is a powerful thing. :-)

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