Sunday, April 19, 2015

Only in Minnesota

Only in Minnesota do we have spring Robins in the trees....

...and Ice Castles just down the block.

Well, not really.  I'm sure that many places have Robins that return before spring arrives.  And I know of a few other cities that had Ice Castles this year.

But we were lucky enough to have less than a mile from here.  Complete with Superman.

The ice castle was an amazing thing.  You can read more about them here:

I had a season pass, so I wandered over there a couple of times.  The ice looked different depending on the weather.

Good cold fun.  The deep blue color is natural, sort of like the color of an iceberg.

I included some people in this picture to give an idea of how huge this center tower was.

Here's a vertical panoramic photo to show it better.

Tall and very cold!  Good thing spring is just around the corner.

The tulip and a robin told me so!

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