Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello? Anybody out there?

I used to be better about blogging regularly. Then I started slipping. Then the longest, snowiest winter ever hit, then we went on vacation and then the longest, coldest wettest nastiest spring happened. And, well, I sort of got behind. But I'm going to try to catch up. I've only got almost two months of catching up to do. Not to worry, it won't all be in one post....and it will just be my photos of the day and what I'm feeling grateful for. But yikes, that will be enough! Here we go.

Tulips on my table.

Last year Billy tried out for the freshman baseball team....and even though there were only 24 freshman selected out of a class of over 800, he was heart broken not to have made it. He didn't hang his head for too long, he played in-house, he played fall ball, he had some training, he didn't give up. It paid off, he tried out again and made the sophomore team. I am more proud that he kept at it and tried again than I am about him making the team....but that's pretty sweet too.

The weather around Minnesota has been awful, March seemed more like January. Red tulips were a bright spot on my table.

My women's volleyball team entered the women's state volleyball tournament. We won a few games, we lost a few games, but we won enough to play on Sunday...which is always a good thing.

Here's my team...I'm the old one in the middle holding the trophy...yep...trophy. We won our first match, we won our second match, we won the class C championship.

I was stiff and sore but it was worth every ache and pain. Winning...woot!

Billy's friend had a birthday, so Billy made some cupcakes. He's the baker in the family.

One of the reasons I got so far behind in blogging is that we went on a 10 day vacation for spring break. I had a lot of jobs to finish up before we left. I felt bad about leaving the gal I do a lot of my work for with out any graphic design support. She was very understanding, encouraging me to go and have a great time. I still felt bad, but it sure helped to hear that from her.

With the winter that never ends we've spent a lot of money on bird seed. It's worth it...hello Mr. Cardinal.

Going out with friends helps the days go by faster...our volleyball team went out to celebrate after our game.

More birds. I think that some of them wonder why in the world they returned to Minnesota when they did.

I had a meeting with one of my other clients regarding an upcoming job. It was nice to get it done before our trip....and it's nice that they are easy and fun to work with.

I took a little trip up to the country so I could drop off our dog at my mom's place. Penny loves to spend time on the farm, it sure makes it easier to leave knowing that she's well taken care of and happy. While I was there I spent some time catching up with my mom....and happened to get a quick picture of this pileated wood pecker through her kitchen window.

I don't think she realizes how lucky she is to have so many fabulous birds. I do know how lucky we are to have a place for Penny to stay. Thanks Mom!

Next up, our spring break 2011. For now, it just feels good to be back.

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