Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cold + Snow = Baseball?

I will catch up, I will catch up....maybe. Everything is looking pretty green outside now, but it looked pretty bleak about a month ago. It still isn't exactly warm with temps 10 degrees below normal. Err. This is one of the early Robins. I don't think it was very happy to have returned to this weather!

Our spring was filled with baseball games. 19 games in about 6 weeks. Should have been 20 games but one was rained out.

This is Penny after her vacation at the farm. I think that she's happy to be home. This stuffed animal is one of her favorites. We call it her "baby" and she always knows just where she left it. Running to find her "baby" makes her so happy, is that weird?

I posted some of our Hawaii pictures on facebook...they are here if you want to see them.

The morning of April 20th looked liked this....

....the afternoon looked like this.....

The snow melted in time for the baseball game. That doesn't mean it was warm though. I spent the day working and editing pictures....and wondering if the snow would melt. My life is almost too exciting some days.

Another day, another baseball game. Billy was keeping the book for part of this game and had to go over and ask the other teams coach a question...he looks so grown up. When did that happen?

Tulips on my table. A night at home with no place else that we had to be. Life is good.

Billy had a baseball double header that was rained or snowed out and then rescheduled for the following Saturday, which was on Easter weekend. Brian had already made plans with a friend that lives near the farm and we didn't want him to miss we let him drive there on his own.

Granted, he is 18, and the farm is only about 75 miles away...but it meant driving across the city and then finding his way. He did just fine, I worried until I got the text from him that he had made it. And yes, I need to let go. Sigh.

Mom's worry, it's part of our job.

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