Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost there

I am getting closer to being caught up with my daily photos. Maybe by tomorrow I will be. Thanks for staying with me.
Here's Billy catching at his last home game. He's really improved a lot as a catcher this season, it's fun to see.
In between baseball games I've been trying to get some things done around the house. The weather was finally nice enough for me to get outside and stain some chairs. Stain sure smells bad!

The forget-me-nots are blooming in my garden. That makes me smile.

This is Billy's team mate Luke. Luke pitching in the rain. Billy was supposed to pitch in the last half of the game. They only got one inning in before it poured and the game was canceled. No pitching for Billy. It was a muddy mess, I'm sort of glad that he didn't have to do it.

The graduation invitations that I had printed arrived...and I like them!

The apple tree is blooming at my moms. Finally blue skies. We went up to the country to celebrate Eric's dad's birthday. The clouds started moving in by supper time. We were able to take a different route home and skirted the storm. A tornado touched down in Minneapolis and did a lot of damage. Amazing what the difference of a few miles can make.

A rainy Sunday. It's making it tough to get the outdoor projects done.

Billy's last baseball game for the sophomore team. Their 2nd loss of the season. 17 wins, 2 losses. Can't feel bad about that!

I'm starting to get really worried about getting ready for Brian's graduation party. I try to focus, I try to just breath and think about him and his last days of High School....and I am trying not to panic. My list is long!

The list is long, but the lilacs are blooming. Have to stop and smell them while I can!

Golf league night with my girl friends. A brutal round of golf, but a nice dinner of frozen pizza with my golfing pals.

Funny how those last minute, really casual no muss no fuss get togethers are always the very best.

I'm slowly getting my annuals planted. Red and white this year in honor of the graduate in our school colors.

Baby steps, getting a little bit done at a time. It's a marathon, not a sprint. But I think I had better pick up the pace!

Wishing you all sunny days that are longer than your to do lists! Thanks for stopping by.

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