Friday, May 27, 2011

Easter and more baseball

We spent Easter with my mom, Eric's parents, my brother, his daughter, his daughters family, and my brother's daughters husbands mom and sister. Did you follow that? Everyone except Eric's mom and dad are related to this little sweetheart. She is a very loved little girl....and that's what family is about.

We jumped right back into the week after Easter with a baseball game...I am so glad that I love to watch baseball. Seriously.

Our co-ed softball league started the last week of April on Mondays we watch baseball and then go play softball. I'll admit, I'm at an age now that I would rather just be watching.

We do have supper at home together as often as possible. Lasagna is a favorite. It's still light outside the windows...there must not have been a baseball game on this day.

A picture of Molly? The baseball game was rained out. She keeps us protected from birds and things.

Billy got to pitch a few times during the season. Fun to watch but nerve wracking too....for me, not for him.

We got home after the game to find out that Brian was planning on going to prom, not with a date but with a group of kids. Out of his comfort zone, but doing it anyway. It was good to hear.

Billy has been catching quite a bit this season. I think it's funny that he's so much taller than most of the umpires. They have to look around him until he's in his squat, then they can see over him. Crazy.

Eric's folks came to the game and brought my mom to watch. Then we picked up Brian and went to Baker's Square for supper. It's so nice that they support the kids and their activities the way that they do.

This picture was taken on the last day of April, and the trees are barely budding. Spring can arrive any time now!

Billy's baseball team hosted a pancake breakfast. Pancakes on a Saturday morning...that someone else made. I could get used to that!

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