Monday, May 30, 2011


Another darkish day. I was busy trying to catch up with scanning some photos to use in a slide show for Brian's gradation party. I was so busy looking at pictures that I had forgotten to take a picture until early evening. Wilting flowers on my kitchen table. Droopy and past their prime.

Sort of sums up the shape of things around here right now!

Brian packed up his camping gear and hopped on a school bus for a trip up to Brainerd and the Brainerd International Raceway. His high mileage car wasn't quite ready, but he and his team mates headed out to see how it would do. The school sent 4 cars that the kids had built to the 2 day competition.

While Brian packed, Eric and I re-layed the brick on our patio. 26'x11.5' of patio to brick. I was hurting for a few days after!

Here's Brian's car. It was the only 2-seater in the competition. It hadn't gotten painted yet, they had trouble passing inspection and didn't get out onto the track until late in the day. Finally on the track and they were off! Unfortunately so was one of the wheels. They didn't get very far before they lost a wheel. Back to the shop. There were some communication problems in the team, Brian probably learned more from that than anything else.

It was a beautiful warm day, Eric and I drove the 2 1/2 hours to get there with our friend Bob. We got to see a partial run for the car and then we drove 2 1/2 hours home. I was thankful for the time away from home.

Billy playing ball in Delano. Sliding into 2nd...he was out. Of course he claims that he slide under the tag but the umpire couldn't see it under all of the dust.

The boy is drawn to dust and dirt. Maybe it's drawn to Charlie Brown's friend Pig Pen. All I know is there is always laundry to do.

But what would we be if we weren't busy? Bored? Ha!

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