Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to Reality

Back from Hawaii and back to reality. While we were on vacation I got an email that Billy had a baseball scrimmage the day that we got back. Nothing like flying all night, getting home in the late morning, grabbing a quick shower and heading to school. The scrimmage went pretty well, in spite of some jet lag.

Our cat Molly had been well taken care of by a friend...but boy was she friendly for a few days after we got home!

The weather had seemed to turn a corner while we were gone, it was a beautiful 70 degrees....for a day.

...but the trees were starting to bud and if sure felt nice to be home.

I spent the first day back getting caught up with a few things, the next day I headed to the farm to pick up our dog. Penny was sure happy to see me! I was happy to see this scilla, it seemed like a sure sign of the arrival of spring.

The hepaticas were blooming in the woods too.

And then the weather turn back to yuck again. And it's been 20 degrees colder than normal ever since. Or at least it seems like it. Billy had another baseball game....

....and our men's volleyball team had it's last game of the season. We beat our rival team, and it sure felt good. They are an unpleasant team to play, their mouths get nastier as they get further behind in the game. It was a pleasure to beat them...thank you very much.

The robins have returned, but I think that they are regretting it with the cold, wet days.

Eric went out of town on a golf trip with his dad, so Brian and I had a date to go to a concert. We drove to St. Joseph to see Greg Brown. What a fun night to spend with my son. I think that he enjoyed it a little bit too. :-)

We were greeted by Molly when we returned. I think that she was afraid that we had left her again! Silly cat.

It's good to be back. See you tomorrow.

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